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XiVO IPBX Open Hardware

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XiVO IPBX Open Hardware is a ToIP server for small and medium organizations. It is designed around an x86 SoC from Intel (Tolapai, a.k.a. EP80579) and carries several networks interfaces to allow several carriers connexions : 4 BRI (ISDN) ports, 1 FXO analog port, 1 FXS analog port, 3 GbE ports, 2 USB ports. The appliance runs XiVO, a ToIP solution featuring the Asterisk telephony server. On the lower level, it uses free software boot firmware (Coreboot, SeaBIOS, iPXE), bootloader and OS. This product targets small organizations up to 30 users (i.e. phones or devices registered) for 8-10 simultaneous incoming/outcoming calls. Storage is done using 2 SATA interfaces to HDD (or SSD) drives. 

The PCB has been designed using Cadsoft Eagle 6 and is based on a 10-layers design.